Full view of the Gunhanger without guns.
  • The Adjustable Telescopic Tube is designed to provide multiple mounting points and telescopic extension at one-inch increments. This will accommodate up to a 52-inch long gun. Gunhanger complete weight is 4.4 lbs.
Gunhanger barrel retainer closeup.
  • The Barrel Retainer is designed with a 2-1/4 inch by 5-3/4 inch opening to accommodate a wide variety of barrels including a side-by-side shotgun. The barrel retainer may be positioned at any of the adjustment points.  
Gunhanger stock pocket closeup.
  • The Stock Pocket is designed with a 2-1/8 inch by 5-3/4 opening, with a depth of 1-1/2 inch to securely position the stock of a long gun. 
Gunhanger spacers on adjustable tube.
  • The Pistol Holder is designed with a 1/4-inch rod at 2-3/4 inch length. The pistol holder may be positioned at any of the adjustment points. (One included with gun hanger, additional pistol holder available for purchase at the store)

Close up of the Gunhanger part.
  • Also included are three  3/8 plastic spacers to accommodate different barrel lengths and attachment configurations.


Things to know

Gunhanger logo.

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